What is the Innovative Idea Lab/Idealab?

Idea Lab is a partnership between Innovative (the company) and the Innovative Users Group. This is a replacement for the traditional users group enhancement process.

There is an “Alway Open” space to suggest new ideas at any time and there are several times during the year when there are time/focused challenges. During the challenge, a particular topic or question will be proposed and then the process proceeds through several information gathering phases. The timeline for the challenges is typically just a few weeks, so be ready to share your feedback as soon as a challenge is announced.

This is now the primary way Innovative accepts new feature requests from customers. Enhancements can NO longer be submitted through support tickets.

Every IUG member is welcome to participate!

All library staff are welcome to share your thoughts as part of the process.

  • To register, use the sign-up link at the bottom of the http://idealab.iii.com site.
  • Please note that your username should be your full email address
  • The timed challenges have tight deadlines, so don’t delay in getting started. One of the improvements for the new process is to get ideas into the product faster and shorter deadlines are an important part of that process.
  • There is also an “Always Open” space where you can submit ideas that doesn’t have a deadline.
    • Unlike time challenges, Ideas that make it through the “Always Open” process aren’t guaranteed to make it into any future version of the product. The product manager will regularly review the top ideas when releasing future versions of Polaris to see if they can “slot in” any of the top “Always Open” ideas with that release.

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