The Rules of SQL-sitions: Mastering Sierra SQL for acquisitions

Program Title: The Rules of SQL-sitions: Mastering Sierra SQL for acquisitions
ILS: Sierra
Program Description: The third rule of SQL-sitions is never spend more effort on a query than you have to.

Sierra’s acquisitions data is one of the trickier portions of the database to query, but also one of the most beneficial. In this session we will go over the data structure of orders, funds, vendors and invoices. Learn how complications like fiscal years, posting and accounting units must be accounted for, and review some especially helpful ideas for queries.

Have you ever wanted to quickly search for orders where a grid wasn’t applied? Perhaps retrieve the payment data for an x-record? Or maybe just audit your current encumbrances? If so this is the session for you.

Speaker/ Information: Jeremy Goldstein (
) - Data Curation Librarian, Minuteman Library Network

The_Rules_of_SQL-Isitions.pptx (3.6 MB)

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This link is in the slides too, but to save people from digging through them unnecessarily here’s where you can find the SQL queries referenced in the presentation.

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Thanks Jeremy! I appreciate you coming to share more resources :slight_smile: