Sierra MEEP Voting Begins March 4th!

Sierra! We are the first group to vote in the new MEEP process!

The Sierra Working Group had a very short timeline to establish a list of potential enhancements, and we greatly appreciate all the time and effort they have put into kicking off the MEEP process.

Your IUG site manager will receive a ballot on Monday, March 4th. The ballot will ask the site manager to rank the ideas in order of importance. Ballots must be submitted no later than March 18, 2024.

Follow these instructions to see your site contact.
If needed, use this form to update the site contact.

For consortia, individual member libraries may elect to purchase their own IUG membership which would give the member library voting rights in this and all other IUG processes.

Find more information about the MEEP agreement.

And now, without further delay, the March 2024 Sierra MEEP candidates are:

Add record to list
Allow Local Create List Saved Exports
Allow users to delete their own Global Updates saved on Server
Clear Jarcache files upon first run of the SDA after an upgrade
Create a Review File endpoint
Create Lists to Global Update/Rapid Update button
Have system-generated review files appear in the drop-down list in Global/Rapid Update
Hidden review file management and bulk delete
Make URL report useful and launch URLs correctly
Reduce time for Patron record payment lock
Simplify FTP login for vendor status reports


Congratulations to the Sierra Working Group! Thanks for all your hard work on getting this inaugural round of voting off the ground :rocket:

And a special word of thanks to IUG Steering Committee members @sfrieldsmith, @EleanorC and @jcole for their work on getting this new process implemented.


For some reason the 11th idea was truncated in the emailed post:

Simplify FTP login for vendor status reports

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Site contacts should have an email with voting instructions this morning. If you are a site contact and didn’t get an email, you can use this link to cast your ballot :ballot_box:.

Sierra site contacts don’t forget to use this link to cast your ballot :ballot_box: for you preferred features to be added to the next version of Sierra.

We’ve had over 50 ballots cast so far and since we’re using a Ranked Choice Voting system, all votes count!