Sierra freezing after FTP process in Print/Send Orders Function

When we complete the FTP process in the Print/Send Orders function, many times we’ve had Sierra freeze up, and it needs to be force-closed in the Windows Task Manager. It only seems to freeze with smaller orders, but the freezing is rather consistent. Has anyone else experienced this? Wondering if it’s just us, and if there’s a reason/fix.

We recently upgraded to Sierra 5.6, but this has been an issue for a couple of versions.

Does this happen on multiple workstations? I don’t have an immediate solution for this but did recently experience an instance of similar freezing where I could not reproduce the issue on 5.5 when using the same login on a computer at a different building.

We still haven’t solved exactly what it is with their local system environment that was causing the freezing but are pretty sure it is ultimately something external to Sierra tripping up the ftp connection

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You might consider attaching a Process Monitor session to try and help narrow down where the issue is happening.

Thanks for the replies, all. Yes, it happens on multiple workstations and with multiple Sierra logins. So far the only consistent thing I’ve noticed is that it tends to happen with smaller file sizes (like 5 or less entries).

Of course now that I’ve asked about the freezing, it hasn’t happened since. I’ll update if/when it happens again. I installed the Process Monitor tool, so I’ll try to figure out how to navigate that and include a screenshot as well.

Okay, it happened again. Here’s a screenshot of the Process Monitor log with the process name filtering for only Java. I don’t fully understand what I’m looking for, but the freezing occurred around 12:14 pm.

What vendor were you trying to FTP with in the Process Monitor screenshot?

@jmgold Do you know in Sierra if the FTP process happens through the client? Or is it the Sierra server doing the FTP process?

Vendor was Baker & Taylor

In looking at the process monitor log @BenJohnson the client is probably handing over the FTP process over to the server to complete. Which means our ability to further pinpoint what is going on here is going to be limited.

When you open a ticket with Innovative support on this, feel free to share the ticket number in the forum so others can reference it if they’re having similar issues.

Thanks for everyone’s input. I’ve opened a ticket. I’ll post the ticket number and response here.

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