What is your favorite troubleshooting tool?

Let’s talk about tools!

This is more from a Polaris ILS Admin point of view, but I really like Process Monitor from sysinternals: Process Monitor - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn

Anytime every other log or troubleshooting tool doesn’t show any problems but a process “just isn’t working right”, I can usually trace the issue in Process Monitor.

For example, we recently had an issue with the EDI process. Turns out the permissions were wrong on the EDINew folder, so the FTP process couldn’t drop files there. That wasn’t clear until I fired up Process Monitor and looked at the EDI job and saw this ACCESS DENIED message.

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No joke, the CLC SIP Testing Tool is a godsend. SIP is a long hallway, with a low ceiling and pale mint coloured walls. Whenever I have a SIP problem, which is often enough that I thought about this tool first, I could faff about trying this or that.

Or I could just fire up the CLC SIP Testing Tool and speak to SIP in its own language. See if it’s communicating properly, or if it’s acting the fool again.


For parsing EDI files into something more human readable, we use: EDI Viewer, you do have to create a free account. Another good no account option for viewing EDI files is EDI Nation, it has more of a healthcare focus to its service.