O04 Using your Authority Control Vendor to eliminate your OCLC costs for OverDrive MARC records

With the help of a custom profile built with BackStage Library Works, Ocean State Libraries eliminated the cost they were paying OCLC for poor quality MARC records for their OverDrive ebook and audiobook records. Learn how we use our authority vendor, MarcExpress records and some batch processes in Connexion to land much improved records in our Sierra system without paying for them separately from OCLC.

Program Numbers, Times & Locations
O04 | Wed, May 08 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM | Estrella

Presenters and Coordinators
Lisa Sallee, Ocean State Libraries, lsallee@oslri.net
Casey Cheney, Backstage Library Works, ccheney@bslw.com

O04_Using-your-Authority-Control-Vendor-to-eliminate-your-OCLC-costs-for-OverDrive-MARC-records_2.pptx (2.3 MB)
O04_Using-your-Authority-Control-Vendor-to-eliminate-your-OCLC-costs-for-OverDrive-MARC-records_1.pdf (1.5 MB)