IUG Steering Committee Welcomes Julie Cole

The IUG Steering Committee welcomes Julie Cole, who joins us from Langara College in Vancouver, BC, Canada to take over the Member-at-Large position for Regionals for Phil Shirley.

Julie worked previously for many years in IT for a credit union, but after being laid off as part of an IT reorganization, decided she wanted a change and went back to school to obtain her Library & Information Technology Diploma from Langara College, where Julie says she was “lucky enough to slot into her dream job as Library Systems Administrator” (Sierra) six years ago. Julie says she has benefited tremendously from the IUG members who took time (and still take time) out of their busy days to share their knowledge with her over the listserv, Slack, Discord, and in person about all things library and the Sierra ILS - and while she still thinks she will be asking more questions than answering them, she is excited to give a little back to this community.


Congrats Julie! The steering committee is lucky to have you as a member


Congrats Julie!

This transaction to a your new position is welcome new information (data) ! :wink:

But seriously, that’s awesome!



Congratulations to Julie, and congratulations to Ray for his continued commitment to advocating for transaction data! :rofl:


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