IUG 2021 Virtual Presentation: Using SQL to Populate LibInsight

LibInsight from SpringShare (more famous for LibGuides) is a tool used by many libraries to report a wide range of library activities. This 2021 IUG Virtual Conference session, presented by Rob Behary of Duquesne University, describes how to incorporate circulation transaction data from Sierra using SQL, upload the transactions into LibInsight, and built a suite of dashboards to share charts and graphs among library staff. The process is important as a way of both making staff aware of circulation activities for potential process improvement, and making data visible to library administrators for management decision making processes.

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UsingSQLLibInsight-Handout-IUG2021.pptx.docx (31.4 KB)
UsingSQLLibInsight-Transcript-IUG2021.pdf (95.3 KB)
UsingSQLLibInsight-Presentation-IUG2021.pptx (2.2 MB)