I don't like ___ with the new forums

Change is difficult. If you haven’t already, please consider messaging @discobot to start the New User Tutorial. The forum software provider also has a page with some helpful tips.

If you’re still struggling, or just want to vent about the change, reply to this post with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

I don’t like that I can’t start the Discobot tutorial :frowning: . I get an Access Denied message.

Other than that, I’m not gonna lie. I’m an unabashed fan of the Discourse platform. I’ve come so close to setting up a modern day BBS using this software. I just haven’t had the time to devote to it. :nerd_face:

Sorry about that, I’ve tweaked the link if you want to try it again.

Glad to hear there are others out there! We’ve been running it since before the 1.0 release in my consortium. Being able to participate 100% via email is really helpful for a lot of folks. And I have certainly geeked out when THE Jeff Atwood responded to some of my inquiries.

Yeah for BBSes! That was one of the names I floated for the community. I was a little sad :frowning: when it ended up being the lowest ranked option on the list.

Awwwww… Kids these days, they’ll never know what it was like sitting up in the wee hours of the morning and playing TradeWars on your friend’s PC somewhere across town. My BBS was a huge inspiration for me in my teen years. I won’t tell you how much I miss it, but I can tell you that I still know the name, phone number, and ad copy it sent out with network stuff. :nerd_face:

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Pay no attention to the man complaining behind the curtain. So far so good for me.

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The profile editor is a little hidden within a preferences submenu and there might need to be some promotion to encourage users to fill it out. Also can any fields be added to the profiles? In particular library and maybe ILS system would be useful there.

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Thanks for the suggestions:

If you do you shift-refresh, you should see a new profile link in the upper right-hand corner.

If you access your profile and do a shift-refresh, you should see a few new field options.

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Navigation. Once I click in on a discussion, I find that I have a hard time getting back to where I started…I guess there is no breadcrumb. I keep finding myself looking up at the top and to the left. Yes, I could just keep hitting the back button, but I guess I’m just not used to having to do that. If I go to the hamburger menu (upper right), I’ll have to go back to a main area. Sorry, I’m old. :older_adult:

Otherwise, I think I like it? I have to poke around some more.

Here are a couple of tips that might help, but let us know if you think of something else:

For topic navigation, you can use the slider on the right-hand side or scroll.

Clicking the forum icon/logo in the upper left will always get you back to the forum “home page”:

You can jump to category lists or tags by clicking the category or tag listed below the topic title.

You may also find that /latest is a better view for you. We could consider making that view the forum default if more folks like that list view.

This is a minor glitch, but when browsing categories, within the conferences & events section IUG2022 is out of sequence.


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So far, I like the new forums! I am looking forward to exploring more over the next few days – thanks to all who have worked so hard on this!

One minor correction to report, though: the category IUG Annoucements" is misspelled. Could this be corrected? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for catching that, it should be corrected now!

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Consider adding a Role/Title to the profile? I like to know the business area of folks to understand point of view for posts… i.e., SysAdmin, Tech Services, Public Service, etc.?

I’ve added this optional field in the profile. Make sure to SHIFT + Refresh to clear the page cache.

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