Year-end Polaris tasks

If you’re new to managing a Polaris system, there are a few end-of-year tasks you should make sure that you have on your calendar:

For hosted customers, contact your site manager or open an Innovative Support ticket to check on the status of these tasks.

Do you have other things you do at the end of the year for your system?

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Good topic!

I email all the libraries a reminder of the closed dates and fiscal rollover (we manage the circ count rollover in-office) in late Nov each year, then again mid-Dec. We always send instructions for each task. For the fiscal rollover, we suggest that newer staff do a practice run in the training environment. And we provide several pieces of customized documentation, including a version of this supportal solution: Fiscal Year Utility was run with the wrong option selected.

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Here’s the CCS fiscal year rollover prep list:

• Let us know if you have fund summary and fund hierarchy reports emailed on a monthly basis, so the fiscal year can be adjusted.
• Run the outstanding orders report in the Polaris canned reports (helps identify which purchase orders will be rolled over or will remain attached to the previous FY)
• Release or delete pending purchase orders
• Pay open invoices so that money is expended from the correct FY
• Apply known credits to paid invoices
• Run the preprocessing report
• Review the following queries available in the SQL find tools:
• Purchase Order Line Item Find Tool: Received POLIs not invoiced
• Purchase Orders Find Tool: POs not cancelled or Closed
• Purchase Orders Find Tool: POs not invoiced
• Invoices Find Tool: Invoices not Paid or Closed