Visualizing Your ILS Data With Kibana

Visualizing Your ILS Data With Kibana

Our consortium wanted to use its ILS data for more than static monthly summary reports. We used Kibana, an open-source analytics and visualization platform, to collect circulation information from our Polaris database to create live data dashboards. These dashboards allow our consortium members to view dynamic, up-to-the-minute graphs and heatmaps of patron and branch activity that can be filtered down to the individual transaction level. From geographic analysis of collection use to a real-time feed of titles being placed on hold, Kibana will provide fresh insight into your library data. This presentation is relevant to all libraries.

Slides: IUG Elastic Stack Presentation - Google Slides

Code: GitHub - SILSConsortium/sils_elastic: Resources for using Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana with Polaris ILS

Scott Murray
Infrastructure Analyst

Dale Storie
System Administrator

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