Using Sierra Data and Web Services for High Impact Marketing

Program Description

In early 2016, the Ferguson Library embarked on a program to use data from all of their library systems to improve the effectiveness of their marketing programs. Since then, they have developed an efficient flow of data from Sierra to their marketing platform, Patron Point that includes the use of Create Lists, Export Lists, as well as the the Sierra Patron API to guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of patron library card renewal messages.

Because of this effort, the Sierra system has become a critical part of The Ferguson Library’s marketing mix and the Library benefits from having ILS data driving its marketing programs. This presentation will review this public library’s marketing approach and present how this new integration has enhanced the value of their ILS data, improved their workflows, and helped them achieve their marketing goals.

Program Numbers , Times & Locations
K04 4/5/2018 10:30AM - 11:30AM Ocean 3

Presenters and Coordinators
Maisam Nouh, Technology/Cataloging Librarian II - The Ferguson Library
Ted Fons, Principal Consultant - Third Chapter Partnersy

IUG2018 PPT final.pdf (2.0 MB)