Top Speed: From Zero to Polaris in Six Months

Program Title: Top Speed: From Zero to Polaris in Six Months
ILS: Polaris
Program Description: Where do you start when you need to migrate 1.8 million item records, 225 thousand patron records, and train 300 staff across fifteen locations in the use of a new ILS in six months? Join a panel of Allen County Public Library staff who recently donned their racing helmets and led a fully accelerated migration to Polaris, Vega Discover, Vega Promote Web, and Innovative Mobile in a compressed timespan. Attendees will learn what challenges and opportunities arose, including communication, training, cataloging, IT infrastructure, circulation practice, patron engagement, and more. Attendees are welcome to join in Q&A in this maximum horsepower session. Presenting staff for the ACPL include: Nathaniel Burnard - Systems Services Manager Christine Diederich - Technical Services Manager Matthew Etzel - Collection Services Manager Tonya Frandle - Public Services Manager Jeff Garver - Digital Communications Specialist Kevin Wells - Information Technology Services Manager

Speaker/ Information: Nathaniel Burnard ( - Systems Services Manager, Allen County Public Library

Kimberly Bolan - Chief Operating Officer, Allen County Public Library

Christine Diederich - Technical Services Manager, Allen County Public Library

Top_Speed_IUG_Presentation_2024.pdf (3.0 MB)

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