There is no such thing as a permanent URL. Ways to identify and repair broken links in your catalog

Program Title: There is no such thing as a permanent URL. Ways to identify and repair broken links in your catalog.
ILS: Sierra
Program Description: URLs, the unique identifiers that direct users to specific online resources, can change or become obsolete over time, rendering the links in library catalogs unusable. This can lead to frustration for users who encounter broken links, hindering their ability to access essential information. Therefore, it is crucial for libraries to proactively monitor their catalogs for broken links and take steps to repair them.
This presentation will be divided into three main sections.
Part 1: Sierra’s ‘URL Checker’ - We will begin by delving into the ‘URL checker’ function within Sierra. This tool proves to be highly valuable in maintaining links, but it carries both advantages and disadvantages. We will examine its capabilities and limitations.
Part 2: Link Checking and Additional Functionality with SEO Spider - We will briefly explore link checking functionalities using SEO Spider, a commercial product (free version available). In addition, we will briefly look at how to generate in-depth analyses of our website, gaining valuable insights into its overall health and performance using SEO Spider.
Part 3: Link Validation Using Python Scripts - For those with an interest in coding, we will conclude by exploring how to utilize Python scripts to validate links through the command-line interface of SEO Spider. We will demonstrate the process step-by-step, ensuring a clear understanding of the methodology. The code discussed throughout the presentation will be available through a GitHub repository, allowing for further exploration and practical application.

Speaker/ Information: Michael Cummings ( - Associate Museum Librarian, Systems, Metropolitan Museum of Art

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