SEALS Digital Commons: Experiences with Vital

Program Description
We will share the challenges brought about by sharing a digital content management solution, as well as the opportunities it provides. We will illustrate the advanced attributes of Vital as a digital access management system in enabling a seamless user search experience for retrieving information and providing a solution for the preservation, sharing and re-use of valuable digital resources. We will also demonstrate how Vital supports multiple metadata schema and makes it possible to change from Dublin Core (DC) to Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS), and XML based schema.

Program Numbers , Times & Locations
J06 4/25/2018 9:00:00 AM - 10:00:00 AM Oceans 4

Roelien Clarke : SEALS Trust, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Suzanne Saunders: SEALS Trust, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Program Materials
See presentation file, below.

IUG 2018_SEALS Digital Commons_Vital_16 April 2018.pdf (3.5 MB)