Problem with diacritics in paging list template

We just had a report of a paging list template where diacritics are now displaying as their unicode codes instead…not sure of the terminology to use but {u00F6} for example.

The template itself (see here) when viewed in jaspersoft indicates it is set to utf-8, and I haven’t touched it in a while so this is either a behavior change from something in Sierra (recently installed 5.6) or something staff only just noticed…but this is coming from one of our better problem reporters.

Does anyone have ideas on if there is something I can fix in the template or if this is a known issue of some sort that isn’t listed.

Hi Jeremy,

We ran into issues with diacritics and our paging slips w/5.6, even though we did not use print templates for these. It was only some of our default (non print template) notices, too. Laura Frasca, who was assigned the ticket (1110404), mentioned that she could see it happening in 5.5, too. She made configuration change to our system and that fixed the diacritics issue but then only the first page would print (fixed in 6.0, which is in beta). That was ticket 1114620. While waiting on 6, I just moved us over to using a print template for paging (attached). Since we’re beta testing, I guess I should check to see if I can still use the default (non print template version) and all the pages print…

Item_Paging_List_Working.jrxml (33.2 KB)

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Thanks Alison. I’ll probably open up a ticket then.