Polaris IUG 2024 conference proposals needed

Howdy my fellow Polaris peeps :baby_chick: ! We are currently “losing” the IUG 2024 proposal submission “race” to our fellow Sierra colleagues. They have 3 X as many program submissions as Polaris folks do :astonished: ! Let’s work on remedying that before submissions close out at the end of this month (November).

:pencil2: You can use the submission form :pencil2: to submit everything from a 10-minute lighting round to a full blown half day preconference session.

Here are some ideas to consider and don’t forget repeats :repeat: from previous years ARE ALLOWED:

  • Migrating staff from the desktop client to Leap
  • Making Overdrive integration work
  • Implementing LX Starter Notices
  • How you’re handling SMS Notices
  • Cool stats things that you do, both within Polaris and integrating data into or out of other systems
  • Talking about a 3rd party service or hardware integration
  • Your favorite or most used SQL scripts
  • MARC data cleanup processes you’ve tried or implemented

Don’t forget, General, non-ILS specific topics are also welcome!