P05 Customizing templates in Sierra specifically print and email

This program is intended for Sierra libraries who would like to learn more about customizing print and email templates that are patron-facing. A basic understanding of customizing templates is preferred. Learn not only how to modify a variety of templates, but gain helpful tricks of the trade. Both Sierra and Expresslane due slips, courtesy notices and Hold pickup notices will all be discussed.

Laptops may prove helpful for hands-on demonstration but are NOT required.

Program Numbers, Times & Locations
P05 | Wed, May 08 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM | Paradise Valley

Presenters and Coordinators
Eric Frank, Suffolk Cooperative Library System, eric@suffolknet.org

P05_Customizing-templates-in-Sierra-specifically-print-and-email_1.pdf (6.2 MB)