October 2023 News from PIAC (Polaris ILS Advisory Committee)

PIAC met with Innovative on Monday, October 23 to discuss several items.

Polaris 7.5 Released

Polaris version 7.5 has now been released. Check out the What’s New document for all of the developments coming in this version!

LEAP issues with Chromium build 117.0.5938.63

A recent version of Chromium introduced printing scaling issues and issues with selecting records in the Find Tool in Leap. A fix will be introduced in the newest version of Chromium, set to be released on October 31, 2023.

The issue of selecting records in the Find Tool due to zoom settings is unrelated to the Chromium bug and will be fixed in 7.5. A patch for earlier versions of Polaris is being investigated.

Ingram Migration to sFTP

Ingram notified customers that they need to switch to sFTP for transmission of acquisitions files with a deadline of April 15, 2024. sFTP transmission is included in Polaris 7.6 (approximate release date Q2 2024). Innovative staff are working with Ingram to ease the transition for customers and avoid a hard stop in file transmission services.

As Innovative is working on this change for 7.6 they will determine if it is patchable to earlier versions and will be allowing for users to choose at the supplier record level the desired file transmission (FTP or sFTP) in order to support the requirements of a wide-variety of acquisitions vendors.

Baker & Taylor Acquisitions API

There has been one library using this feature for over a year and a few others just getting started. It has been successful for these locations, however, there have been some challenges when onboarding libraries with multiple locations and decentralized ordering.

Libraries are welcome to contact Samantha Quell if they would like to get started using this feature. Enhancements to the API to address the challenges above are being scheduled for the release of 7.6.

Acquisitions in Leap - Invoice Bug

This bug will be fixed in the release of 7.5. A patch is currently in development for 7.3 and 7.4, and we will report back when it is released. Innovative staff thanked everyone who sent in screen shots and participated in the troubleshooting to help resolve this bug.

Multiple Pickup Options – More Enhancements Coming!

The excitement around multiple pickup options in Polaris 7.5 prompted discussion and questions about the possibility of limiting by material type and patron code so that certain materials can be excluded or included in certain pick-up locations. Further enhancements to this feature are being scoped for 7.6. If there are use cases that you have for this feature, please get in touch with Samantha Quell.

If you have questions, concerns, frustrations, praise, suggestions, the PIAC is here to represent you to Clarivate. Please feel free to reach out to Debra (dwischmeyer@ccslib.org) or any PIAC member.

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