N06 How Gadget Checkout at the CWRU Judge Ben C. Green Law Library made Circulation Great Again

All our statistics at Case Western Reserve University’s Judge Ben C. Green Law Library told us that our students were using the library, yet our circulating books statistsics were declining each year. Not only our own books, but consortium and ILL borrowing have steadily decreased. How were the law students actually interacting with the library? This session will discuss what the circulation department at the law library discovered when they looked at their numbers. It will discuss some of the reasons for the down turn in traditional circulation, what the consequences were and what ultimately saved the day-gadgets! The session will offer lots of data collected over 3 years about circulation activity and its decline. I will talk about how we initiated gadget check out, how we marketed it, and show how checkout statistics began to turn around after gadgets became available. This session will intertest: CIRCULATION, ACADEMIC LIBRARIES AND SMALL and SPECIAL libraries.

Program Numbers, Times & Locations
N06 | Tue, May 07 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM | Paradise Valley

Presenters and Coordinators
Donna Ertin, Judge Ben C. Green Law Library CWRU, dme@case.edu

N06_How-Gadget-Checkout-at-the-CWRU-Judge-Ben-C_Green-Law-Library-made-Circulation-Great-Again.pdf (2.9 MB)