IUG 2023 proposed bylaws revisions - reply with suggested revisions by July 3rd

As mentioned in April of this year, the IUG Steering Committee (IUG SC) is proposing a series of changes to our bylaws.

A summary of the proposed changes:

  • Adding a requirement that IUG will maintain an electronic forum
  • Incorporating previously passed amendments into the main bylaws document
  • Ensuring that the IUG SC will have representation from Innovative’s two main ILS platforms (Sierra & Polaris)
  • Tweaking how the Polaris Innovative Advisory Committee (PIAC) is formed.
    • Previously it was a mix of full IUG SC approval and IUG SC Chair approval. The suggested revision moves all responsibilities to the full IUG SC.

:arrow_forward: View the proposed IUG bylaws document :arrow_backward: .

Please respond to this thread by July 3rd, 2023 at 11:59pm Eastern with any feedback you might have. We then plan to conduct an IUG membership vote on these proposed changes sometime in July.


Reminder that if you’d like to share any feedback regarding the proposed bylaws revisions, please respond to this thread by July 3rd, 2023 at 11:59pm Eastern.

The changes look good to me.
I do have one question - the document only references Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Does it need to acknowledge that III is owned by another company?

Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll go back and review this and we may end up aligning it with the way Clarivate currently lists it: “Innovative, Part of Clarivate”.

I think the changes look good too! The only feedback I have on my review is that it seems like there’s a missing piece - there’s no provision addressing what to do if the Past Chair is unavailable. It might be helpful to include a provision or guideline that specifically covers the unavailability of the Past Chair.

One suggestion could be for the current Chair and the Steering Committee to collaborate and determine the best course of action in case the Past Chair is unavailable, such as appointing an interim Past Chair or redistributing responsibilities among the existing officers. Is the use of a “Past Chair” in this capacity really how it works? Seems like the duties as a Chair carry forward even after your role as Chair ends…

Thanks for considering my input!

Note: The “Past Chair” role is mentioned in the following sections:

  • Article IV, Section 1:
  • Article VI, Section 7:
  • Article VIII, Section 1:
  • Article VIII, Section 2 (Twice):

We’ll give it some thought. I am inclined towards something that would just say the Chairperson would assign those duties to another member of the steering committee while that role was vacant.

Wes. this happened one of the years I was secretary/treasurer. The past chair was unavailable for the last 5 months of that term, and I took on those duties, running elections, the Beacon Award, and whatever else was necessary. So I agree that assigning those duties to another member of the committee is a good way to go.

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Thanks again for the suggestions. I’ve made the following tweaks:


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The primary contacts for active IUG members will be getting an email today from Survey Monkey inviting you to participate in the voting process for the proposed bylaws changes.

The voting ends on August 13, 2023 at 11:59PM Eastern.

A reminder that voting closes on Monday 8/13/2023:

Here are the results of the bylaws voting:

Data_Q1_230814.pdf (48.9 KB)

Thanks to everyone who contributed their feedback and voted!

The new bylaws are available from our website: Bylaws – Innovative Users Group