IUG 2023 presentations will be uploaded soon - Now available 6/21/2023

Thank you! Incoming material will be provided here on the forum.


Innovative’s presentations or a link to their presentations will also be available from #conferences-events:iug-conference-2023 within the next few weeks.

Innovative’s presentation material from IUG 2023 has now been posted.

HI Wes-

Thanks to everyone who worked on posting these.

I’m looking for slides from two presentations that I don’t see posted.

Jason Boland’s Accidental Sierra Administrator session. I asked him about this one recently via email and he mentioned that it was submitted to IUG a few weeks ago and to ask the IUG for the .ppt file.

I’m also looking for the slides from Toni Minnick’s session Journey to the Stars: Vega LX Product Roadmap & Vision.

@AnnieW I’m going to ping @derekbrownrhpl on this one. I know that some of the Innovative sessions were submitted with incorrect information. When I look for what you mentioned in what I have available from Innovative, I don’t see them. My hope is @derekbrownrhpl will have better luck, but give us some time as I think he might be out of the office.

I still do not have the Journey to the Stars sadly, but I did tag you in the Accidental Sierra Admin post!

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