IUG 2021 Virtual Presentation: “What’s in a name?” – Quite a bit! Language matters

We invite you to revisit (or watch for the first time!) this week’s featured presentation from the fantastic virtual IUG this year. Many thanks to Emily O’Neal of Deschutes Public Library for this insightful look at how libraries can make their catalogs more inclusive.

“What’s in a name?” – Quite a bit! Language matters
Language matters, words matter, phrases and terms all matter! I am here to discuss changes you can make within your bibliographic data to add more inclusive language for your customers. Examples include: Adding new, more inclusive and socially accepted terms using locals subject headings and alternative vocabularies;Using your ILS and vendors to keep the data current with your new terms;Respectful language choices in access points is one way to work towards anti-oppressive librarianship and cataloging word choice and content does exactly that.


Attached you will find the slides and accompanying handouts from
Emily O’Neal, Technical Services Manager, Deschutes Public Library, for the IUG 2021 Virtual Conference presentation, “What’s in a name?” – Quite a bit! Language matters

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