IUG 2021 Virtual Presentation: Small Budget and Small Staff: A Sierra Acquisitions Workflow

Another featured video from our amazing IUG 2021 virtual conference! Thank you to Rebecca Grantham for this look at managing the Sierra acquisitions workflow!

Small Budget and Small Staff: A Sierra Acquisitions Workflow
For small libraries with a small staff, finding dummy bibliographic records, and later having to delete them takes extra time. However, waiting to place the order in the system until the item arrives does not allow for accurate and up-to-date encumbrances. These encumbrances are necessary for tracking fund reporting and budgeting. This presentation will introduce a workflow that solves some problems surrounding order records.


Attached is Rebecca Grantham’s 2021 IUG Virtual Conference presentation (.pptx), “Small Budget and Small Staff: a Sierra acquisitions workflow.”

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SmallBudgetSmallStaff-IUG2021.pptx (1.7 MB)