IUG 2021 Virtual Presentation: Excel: Love it or Hate it? Tips & Tricks using Excel's Get & Transform

Put on your thinking caps for another featured IUG virtual presentation! Thanks to my dear pal Julie Cole from Langara College for this look at how to make the most of Excel! This video will be openly available on YouTube for this coming week - a great opportunity to share with colleagues who may not have been able to attend the conference.

Excel: Love it or Hate it? Tips & Tricks using Excel’s Get & Transform
Love it or hate it, Excel is a toolset Library staff use. While Excel is good for math, Get & Transform can help you clean up data for import/export to/from your ILS & other systems, all without using the Drag & Fill tool. Sick of your barcodes looking like 2.3109E+13? I’ll show you a simple trick to fix that plus more complex tricks like matching between 2 datasets. Session is not interactive, but I’ll provide some examples you can walk through later. Not Available for Excel for MAC. Preferred versions Excel 2016/2019. Excel 2013 has some functionality in Power Query. Session uses Excel 2019.


Attached you’ll find Julie Cole’s slides and handouts for the IUG 2021 Virtual Conference presentation, “Excel: Love it or Hate it? Tips & Tricks using Excel’s Get & Transform.” Julie is the Library Systems Administrator, at Langara College Library.

To find out more about the upcoming 2022 Virtual Conference, check out the conference page at https://www.innovativeusers.org/conferences/iug-2022-virtual-conference


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