Idea Lab: vote and comment for expiring ideas!

Hello Polaris Users,

Time is short in Idea Lab! You have until Feb. 25th to view, vote, and comment for ideas you would like to support. After that date, successful ideas will be exported from Idea Lab and reviewed for inclusion in prioritization votes. Innovative is working on getting Idea Exchange set up and ready for your new or revised ideas.

These ideas are still at the submission phase:

Reports and Data
Collection Agency Update Report to Include Changes to All Accounts in Collections
Add Billed-to-Lost to the Transactions Tables

Circulation and Patron Services
PAPI sending and returning Patron Stat Codes
Close Button On Patron Registration Page
Option to block bibliographic-level holds on individual bibliographic records
Opt-Out of RFID Processing Suspended Warnings
Picture of item when being billed
Billed items shown separately to regular fines
Indicate number of items in Reading History in leap
Provide shortcut for Clear Lists in Leap bulk check in

ILS Management
Workstation Location Options

Thank you for your participation!

Eleanor Crumblehulme and Sarah Frieldsmith
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators

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