Documentation Forum 2021

The Innovative documentation team is excited to meet with you at the IUG 2021 Virtual Conference Documentation Forum - so excited, in fact, that the entire team will be joining the session! The team will share a brief highlight of recent accomplishments and upcoming goals, but is most looking forward to hearing from you .

We share the goal of empowering library staff and patrons - come with your ideas on how we can work together to do so!

Date: Monday, March 22
Time: 3:00 PM EST
Link for registered attendees: Documentation Forum

Presenters from Innovative Interfaces: Aaron Terrell, Brett Lowell, Emily Reisinger, Rhonda Rucker and John Cook

We had a great discussion Monday afternoon with the Documentation Team @ III. Wow, do they ever have a LOT of products/areas of responsibility to document/translate for customers!

Customers are very interested in seeing editable versions of the documentation that they can customize for their own systems;

We all love screen shots if possible!

Checklists and flowcharts are also appreciated;

Attached you’ll find the chat portion of the forum, to supplement the forum recording which will be posted in the near future.

Thanks to all 279 people (!) who joined the forum and sparked a lot of great discussion.

DocumentationForumChat.txt (28.5 KB)