Disabling (freezing or suspending?) all holds with a specific hold pickup location for a short time period

I just wondered if anyone had a workflow to stop all current active holds from triggering at a specific pickup location. We have a floating collection. We can stop the branch from running their own TPL (or change the priority of the hold pickup locations) but we would like other branches to not trigger holds when they are associated with a specific location. We follow the hold queue when filling requests (and don’t fill local holds first).

Thank you for any ideas.

Elizabeth Wright
Systems Services Manager
Vancouver Island Regional Library

The patron api will allow you to freeze/unfreeze holds and I’ve used a Python script a few times to gather up a list of holds to freeze, save it to a file so they can (mostly) be unfrozen later, and then loop through the list to freeze each of those holds.

The caveat to this is that it has all the limitations that normally come with altering holds, if there’s an available item at the time you can’t change the hold as the item could already be getting paged, the 255 day limit…but it gets most of the records.