Disable both ContentCafe AND Novelist to work around slow PAC loading issues 11/21/2022

Starting 11/19/2022 Baker and Taylor started having network issues that are affecting several of their services including the ContentCafe book jacket service. As of the morning of 11/21/2022 this is still causing slowdowns with the loading of various PowerPAC pages, especially the title details page.

To work around these issues, you should disable both the loading of ContentCafe AND Novelist (which also uses ContentCafe images).

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In case you’re not the person who gets email updates from Baker & Taylor, you can look to this page for updates: https://ts360.baker-taylor.com/

Thanks to @jmgold for sharing this with me!

The ContentCafe portion of this outage appears to be resolved as of 11/23/2022 at 10:30am.

They appear to be down again, at least in some regions of the US, starting on 11/27/2022.

Definitely down here.

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Thanks for confirming, I thought I was going crazy. According to our sensors it loads about 50% of the time.

If you want to reference them, I have ticket #1108039 opened with Innovative, ticket #5260298 opened with Ebsco/Novelist and ticket #… oh yeah, no ticket with Baker & Taylor because near as I can tell they don’t have a support infrastructure.