Conquer Your ILS Upgrade (Polaris)

Program Title: Conquer Your ILS Upgrade
Presentation Type: Program
Track: System Administration
ILS: Polaris
Program Description: Upgrading ILS software can be great (bug fixes! new features!) but it is always a daunting process. Between December 2018 and August 2022, Cooperative Computer Services (CCS) coordinated seven Polaris software upgrades for their consortium of public libraries and learned valuable lessons during each upgrade. Hear about their process for leading an upgrade and gain practical, scalable tips to coordinate your own.

Presenter Information: Mieko Fujiura-Landers
Institution: Cooperative Computer Services (CCS)
Job Title: Member Services Librarian, Public Services

ccs.pptx (3.9 MB)


Thank you so much for sharing your documents on this. I was not able to attend IUG but will definitely be implementing a lot of what you recommended, which will be doable because of the detailed information you shared.


Awesome guide @Mieko, thanks for sharing it and your time presenting at IUG with the community!

One other “tip” I don’t think I saw on your list was making sure your upgrade wasn’t scheduled on a day when you typically have a lot of scheduled reports running.

For example, we avoid the 1st day and last day of the month for upgrades. That way we don’t end up with a lot of reports that must manually run after the upgrade finishes.

Also, Innovative has a nice checklist on their supportal (Innovative login required).

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I’m so glad! Thank you, Emma!

Thanks, Wes! And that is a GREAT tip about reports!