Cataloging in LEAP, an Introduction (Polaris)

Program Title: Cataloging in LEAP, an Introduction
Presentation Type: Program
Track: Cataloging & Authorities
ILS: Polaris
Program Description: With each new release, Polaris has been adding additional features and functionality to the cataloging and acquisitions modules in LEAP. Many catalogers, whose jobs rely on speed and accuracy, are understandably reluctant to transition from the familiar staff client interface. This session will describe how Clinton-Macomb Public Library has been making the switch to LEAP for all staff, including tech services. It will offer ideas for building buy-in amongst tech services staff as well as open the floor for audience members who are using LEAP to share their tips, tricks, and shortcuts.

Presenter Information: Celia Mulder
Institution: Clinton-Macomb Public Library
Job Title: Head of Collection Management & System Administration

cataloginginleap.pptx (7.4 MB)

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