4 Perspectives on Using Holds Data with SQL

Program Title: 4 Perspectives on Using Holds Data with SQL
ILS: Sierra
Program Description: In this presentation we have brought together four Sierra data heads who will each present a recent project they have worked on involving querying holds data. This single source of information can be used for a wide variety of projects that may directly benefit the patrons and/or library staff throughout all levels of your organization with just a bit of data creativity. We’ll look at different approaches to data projects based on the intended audience, distribution considerations, and each panelist’s areas of expertise, and hopefully inspire some new projects by the time we’re done.

Speaker/ Information: Victor Zuniga - Systems Administrator, Poudre Libraries
Jeremy Goldstein (jgoldstein@minlib.net) - Data Curation Librarian, Minuteman Library Network
Rebecca King - Digital Services Librarian, Thousand Oaks Library
Bob Gaydos - ILS Administrator, Stark County District Library

4-Perspectives-on-Using-Holds-Data-with-SQL(1).pptx (4.4 MB)

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