Zebra printers and native/legacy spine label printing from Sierra

Is anyone successfully using the newer model Zebra direct thermal printer (ours is ZD621) to print spine labels from Sierra without using print templates? How are they connected–USB? Network?

If not Zebra, what other spine label printers work with native/legacy Sierra printing without needing print templates? We are quite willing to switch brands.

We have successfully used the older model Zebra to do this for many years, but a recent Windows 10 update caused it to fail. So we purchased a newer model only to be told that it will only work with print templates. We do not have the technical skills on staff to figure out print templates even with the documentation provided by Innovative and the example templates from Minuteman. And the Help Desk does not support printing processes.

We are frustrated to say the least! Any and all suggestions welcome.

Thank you.

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Hey Lori. We are using older Zebra printers for spine label printing without print templates.
It was finicky to get it all working. One thing about Windows 10 for all printing in Sierra is that it automatically saves printer settings in a directory that gets cleaned up regularly, but there is a setting either in your shortcut or in the iiirunner.lax file that can help with this. You might want to search the listserve for old notes on this in case that fixes everything.
I’m at IUG but happy to share what I figured out when I get back home next week.

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Hi Julie,

Thanks for your response. I would greatly appreciate hearing more about the print settings you figured out if you have time.


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Hey Lori, I was hoping to get into the office to look at the printer and its setup to refresh my memory, but I broke my wrist so I’m hanging out at home these days. Are you on discord and/or slack so that we could have a chat?

Hi Lori,

We recently purchased a ZD621 and also struggling to get pocket labels to print (Label Printer).

Print template labels seem to be working fine, it’s the non-print templates that we cannot seem to get to work.

Would love to hear from you if you found a solution.



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