Winning ideas from the Polaris MEEP vote!

Here are the winning ideas from the Polaris MEEP voting process:

Create a record set from Saved/Scheduled Reports in SimplyReports
Accessibility shortcuts in Leap
Ability to select multiple items/chunks of items in the Leap Find Tool
View recent search history in the Leap Find Tool
Make non-blocking circulation blocks optional

The winning ideas collectively represent 500 development points. The features will be added to the Product Board for Polaris 7.7 , and that release is scheduled for quarter 4 of this year.

Huge thanks to the Polaris Working Group for getting this process off the ground! I know they are already looking ahead to the next cycle, which will likely take place in the late summer. And thanks also to the Polaris development team!

Find more information about the MEEP enhancements agreement.
Contact the IUG/Innovative Enhancements team:


So exciting to know that the results will be in by the end of the calendar year! Process should provide fertile ground to continue growing a good relationship between IUG and Innovative!


Thanks, Trevor! It will be wonderful to see these ideas implemented in 7.7 (and marked as planned/completed in Idea Exchange). The MEEP agreement seems to be providing a good basis for ensuring strong user input into product development. I can’t wait to see what ideas will be in the next batch!

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