What are the best workflows for integrating lockers with Polaris (wiki)?


Integrating lockers into the Polaris ILS can be done! But it can also be tricky. This topic is a wiki (meaning anyone can edit it). So, please edit it to add any insights you have.

Pickup locations

Patrons need to let you know they want to pick something up at a locker, this section discusses approaches.

  • For Polaris, one of the only reliable ways is to have the locker as its own branch.
  • Yes, this does mean you’ll need to set one up or pay Innovative to set it up for you. Consider rolling the branch set up fee into the on-time purchase price for the locker hardware.
  • There is an idealab about doing this differently, but because holds are so complex it seems unlikely to be implemented anytime soon.

Handling notifications

A big challenge to processing locker requests involves notifying patrons. The section describes tricks for making sure patrons get notified.

CKO procedures

If your locker doesn’t CKO items through 3M SIP, then you’ll need to check them out manually.

  • Verify via the patron account that the notice for the patron was delivered.
  • Let patrons know that they need to wait NNN hours AFTER getting their notice below attempting a pickup.

If SIP-enabled CKO, should PIN be required? Pros/Cons

Locker vendors

Below is a list of known locker vendors. It is broken down to vendors who integrate 3M SIP CKO and those who don’t.

SIP Integrated


  • There can be issues when loading in additional items for patrons to pick up.
  • Make sure you’ve adjusted your SIP settings to allow for items items in any circ status to be CKO’d.
  • You may also need the following utility to help align the D-Tech locker database.


  • Designed for libraries using RFID

Non-SIP Integrated


Please vote on the newly added feature set to release in v7.5 (Q3 2023) which offers a solution to integrating lockers!
Multiple Pickup Options :bulb: - Innovative Product Status Board - New | Product Roadmap (productboard.com)

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