Website Costs/Recommendations

Sorry to send this on a Friday, but hoping I can get some feedback from the group on costs for getting a new website.

We are looking at an option with one of our existing vendors that includes an implementation fee/cost (one time) and then an ongoing annual fee.

The implementation includes consulting on site setup, design, content integration, etc. Once launched, the ongoing cost covers support, updates to the platform/CMS, hosting, etc.

I am trying to understand if what the vendor provided would be considered standard/reasonable costs, to justify the budget request. Our current website is dirt cheap but we get what we pay for (one-size fits all design, bare bones support, etc.), so I can’t compare to that.

If you recently launched a new website or are in the process of, do you mind sharing some ballpark fees you were quoted (or are paying) for implementation/launch and ongoing maintenance? And are you happy with your setup (and it plays nice with Sierra/Vega)? I will probably be going out and getting official quotes to compare to, but this afternoon I was asked for a ballpark for a budget meeting on Tuesday morning. So getting quotes is not going to happen by then.

Thanks in advance for any info. I only found one question on the Sierra listserv asking something similar, but no replies.