Webinar - Learn more about the IUG 2024 Conference!

IUG 2024

Get all the details on what to expect at the IUG 2024 conference. Bring your questions and we’ll get those answered too!

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Join us January 31st at 11:30am (Eastern) for an information session to learn more about the IUG 2024 conference March 25th - 27th in Detroit. If you’ve already registered or if you’re thinking about registering, come to learn more about what you’ll experience and to get all your conference questions answered.

Additional Conference Information

You can find the following resources on the conference website:

  • :spiral_notepad: A conference session list
  • :hotel: Book your IUG hotel stay
  • :white_check_mark: Register for the conference

Is this session going to be recorded?




We can try to record, but there are no promises there. What we CAN promise is making sure any questions that get answered and the slide deck are published.

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Reminder that tomorrow January 31st at 11:30am (Eastern) we’re having a webinar where you can learn more about the upcoming IUG 2024 conference.

:arrow_forward: Register for the IUG 2024 Conference Information Webinar

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Here is the video recording of the session:

Here is the slide deck: Intro to IUG 2024 Conference-min.pdf (2.8 MB)