🎉 We’re excited to announce IUG 2023

Our premier in-person event returns

Learn from product experts

Join your peers at an exciting in-person event that focuses on Innovative products and services. Network with industry experts and attend engaging sessions that will inform and inspire you.

:arrow_forward: Registration Information


Enjoy over forty programs from your peers and a full day of important product updates and announcements from Innovative staff.

We’re still finalizing the full program, but here are a few highlights.


  • :dagger:How the pandemic sharpened our SQL skills and streamlined our organization Paul Delaney
  • :arrow_up:Conquer Your ILS Upgrade Mieko Fujiura-Landers
  • :computer:Cataloging in LEAP, an Introduction Cellia Mulder


  • :zzz: Using Sierra REST API to Load Patrons Pamela Childers
  • :shopping_cart: Rethinking Selection and Acquisitions Workflow Rhonda Glazier
  • :window:The Unofficial Guide to Sierra’s SQL Views Jeremy Goldstein

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