WAM Proxy: Consider the Alternatives

Program Description
Is your library using Innovative’s Web Access Management (WAM) proxy software for Sierra and Millennium to provide off-campus access to your electronic resources? Proxy problems got you down? Learn about the steps to switch to the new wam_sslhost_replace method for improving access to HTTPS resources, and find out what is involved in switching to OCLC’s EZproxy software if you are considering alternatives to WAM. Presenters will discuss benefits and drawbacks of both WAM and EZproxy, steps to set them up, and any considerations for those who are thinking of making a change.
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Program Numbers , Times & Locations
O03 4/5/2018 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Oceans 3

Presenters and Coordinators
Beth Juhl, University of Arkansas Libraries
Joel Tonyan, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Mark Eskandar, Innovative

Program Materials
See presentation file, below.


IUG2018WAMProxy.pdf (1.1 MB)