Vega Users Group Presentation Notes (IUG 2023)

Happy Tuesday!

As promised I wanted to share notes captured from the Vega Users Group presentation at the recent IUG Conference. The group was asked what we love, what we find frustrating, and what we wish it could do.

If you weren’t able to attend, feel free to chime in! We’d love to hear your thoughts too!

Innovative Users Group 2023
Vega Users Group Presentation Notes

What do you LOVE about Vega?

  • How it looks
  • Love that it’s for patrons and not staff by design
  • Kiosk mode
  • Roll-ups
  • Admin side is easy to use
  • Appreciate the frequency of enhancements and updates

What is frustrating about Vega?

  • Locations, specifically call numbers
  • Roll-ups (when they don’t roll-up as anticipated)
  • Showcase permissions/distributions
  • Consortia roadblocks
  • Needs better filtering/sorting
  • Vendor integrations
  • Need to be able to create showcases from record sets
  • Development speed

Vega Wishlist

  • New Materials + ready-made New York Times showcases
  • More permissions (ability to track who/when changes were made)
  • Branch locations improvements
  • Searchable reading history
  • Search by call number
  • Accessibility improvements (scroll bar on items out)
  • Ability to rate titles in reading history, plus indicator that I’ve already read a title (think already purchased on Amazon when you open an item)

Thanks to all who joined us!


Thanks for sharing these notes and a great job formatting them in the forum!

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Clarivate staff at the meeting wanted to reach out about the “searchable Reading History” item. Here’s what they had to say.

Reading History can be searched by Title and Author directly in the Reading History tab. It can also be sorted by Title Author and Checkout Date.

There is a supportal article available here for authenticated customers who use the Supportal: Access Denied

It is also mentioned in the patron facing Reading History documentation for patrons of Vega libraries: View your reading history

(all patron documentation is also available in the staff documentation): View your reading history