Using Scheduler for create lists with changing parameters

Hi everyone.

Is there a way to set up Scheduler to run once per month and to pull results with a different parameter each time?

For example, I create a list each month to find the items that have been set to withdrawn in the prior month, looking for results with an updated of less than the start of the current month.

Based on some information seen about Scheduler, it seems that this might not be an option as the search needs to be static and wouldn’t update to the new month. If this is the case, is there a workaround that anyone can suggest to automate these monthly create lists?

Hi Ann,

I use the Create Lists condition “within last month.” Would that work for you?



Christine Schwartz

Systems and Data Management Librarian

Wright Library

Princeton Theological Seminary

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Thank you for the idea, Chris. I’m going to try this idea and occasionally run it manually to catch any items that the libraries missed updating.