Upgrading from 6.7 to 7.4 using client only (no LEAP)


My library tends to fall behind on updates, and our director has not authorized the use of LEAP.

We are upgrading to 7.4 next month and I have been reading all the “What’s New” for versions in between and it seems that aside from some behind-the-scenes things in admin and permissions, that most of the changes are for LEAP. Am I correct in this assumption? My manager is just an IT guy and does not know Polaris, so I feel it falls on me to figure all this out while he pursues other things.

The staff at the service desks work entirely off the client. We are currently still using 98% Windows 10 machines. I really don’t want to let the staff down.

Thank you,

Is your concern that they won’t see any new features? Even without new features, upgraded versions always have bug and security fixes. I count over 100 bug fixes in the 7.x series.

Making a change isn’t easy, but as you’ve already seen, new features tend to be Leap only and will continue to be in the future. It is also easier to train “new” staff, especially non-library staff, using Leap. As the old saying goes, the best time to train staff on Leap was 5 years ago, the second-best time is now.

Good luck with your upgrade!

Thank you Wes, I just want to do right by the staff. My manager is not exacting when it comes to these types of things and it is exhausting.


From a staff/public side, there have been some enhancements to API/PAC/patron accounts, and some additions to holds (cancelling, changing PU location).
As for Leap, tech services is still a bit bumpy, but circ is fantastic. Just the simplicity of having a single place to go for the patron record (rather than the registration and status workforms) makes patron service so much easier.


Thank you Eleanor. I have been pouring over the documentation until my eyes are starting to dry out. We will upgrade our Training Server about two weeks before, so I will hopefully get a chance to figure everything out.

I also plan to make a push with our director to perhaps roll out using LEAP one department at a time, with the option of the client always.