Update on LX Starter Implementation Issues from July 2023

As noted in our July 2023 newsletter, members of the IUG steering committee have been meeting with support and development VPs at Innovative to address concerns the IUG community had about problems encountered by some libraries during their LX Starter implementation process.

Below is a summary of the adjustments that have been made to the implementation process and those that are being planned. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reply to this post or reach out to the @steering-committee

Recent and upcoming changes

  • LX Starter now has a new Product Manager Jason Blasczynski, whose focus is only LX Starter. Jason transitioned from a support role.
  • Jason’s initial task involved consolidating feedback from previous implementations into one set of actionable tasks.
  • Weekly meetings now unite implementation, support, and development teams to address key pain points.
  • Efforts are ongoing to create a comprehensive list of known issues and feature parity matrixes for LX Starter, it is expected to be released publicly by the end of September.
    • Libraries who need something ahead of time can request it from support or implementations.
  • LX Starter does have its own Product Board (planned new features) and Idea Exchange site (suggest and vote on potential new features).

Implementation Considerations

  • The typical LX Starter implementation timeline spans one month from start to finish.
  • Libraries are grouped together into a cohort that progresses through the implementation and training steps.
  • As of today, eligible customers can join an upcoming cohort without facing a backlog.
  • If something comes up and your organization is falling behind during your implementation cohort, clear communication is crucial.
    • A ‘reboot’ of the implementation process with a new cohort might be considered so that critical patches or workflows aren’t missed.

IUG Recommendations

  • When discussing LX Starter with Innovative, clarity about your organization’s interest level and timeline are advised.
    • Be upfront if you aren’t ready to begin implementation immediately and are just seeking general information.
  • Ensure you can modify your library’s DNS records BEFORE joining a cohort to prevent delays.
    • Lack of DNS access could result in falling behind, potentially necessitating that you join a different cohort.
    • Don’t overlook this step! This simple task could take weeks. Either in getting clearance from IT departments or in finding the passwords to update the records with your registrar.

For future consideration

  • Innovative is looking at better ways to offer testing of the set up without needing to create a branch.
    • For libraries who are already comfortable with using a test branch and setting up test notices, let implementations know so they can take that into consideration.
  • Innovative is still working to build up better system monitoring tools and a system status dashboard.

One hundred libraries now using Vega LX Starter

LX Starter recently reached a milestone of one hundred customers actively using it to send email notices. :clap: Thanks to all those one hundred libraries who have worked make the product and the process better for all Innovative customers!

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This is encouraging!

My library moved to LX Starter for the bulk of our notices in June. We had such a frustrating experience that we got in touch with our sales rep. She set up a call for us to provide feedback for several members of the Support and LX Starter teams.

One thing we discussed is that right now, cohorts are mixed Sierra/Polaris. If you happen to end up in a cohort where none of the members who are active on the cohort forum use your same ILS, it could be really challenging, especially if you are the sole sysadmin at your library or you don’t have much time to devote to the implementation. We suggested grouping the cohorts by ILS, which they may adopt going forward. In the meantime, if you’re in that boat, I’d recommend making a specific request to be added to a cohort that includes several other libraries using your same ILS, just in case.


This is a great suggestion. Thanks for bringing it up!

Innovative has posted the Vega list of known issues to their support website (support login required). There are some issues that have been reported that may not yet be posted there as support staff may still be going through all the steps to replicate the problem. That page will be updated on a regular basis.

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