Tips for new Polaris System Administrators (from IUG zoom forum)

In no particular order:

  • Always check settings at the branch level - settings inherit down, except when they don’t

  • Always check which branch is being used (for statistical reporting and circ rules governance): patron branch, item branch, or transaction branch

  • Don’t use shelf location when you need collection codes

  • Don’t use collection codes when you need material types

  • Record any changes that will help you account for significant changes to reported stats down the road, e.g. changes to policy settings, changes to definitions, large weeding projects or fee waives

  • Learn basic T-SQL

  • Connect with people who know SQL and might share useful queries

  • Get familiar with the Polaris database tables (use the CHM file)

  • Create permission groups and NEVER apply permissions individually

  • Regular check-in with your site manager; submit tickets for all questions so that you can track them, refer to them later, escalate them, etc.

  • Get familiar with how holds processing works (especially in large systems or consortia)

  • Restrict access to modify the postal code table

There was a great discussion in the forum, so if you were there please add anything I missed in the comments. If you were not there, what are your top tips?


Was this forum recorded?

Hi Marie,

It was not recorded (none of the IUG zoom forums are). But keep an eye out for future zoom forum topics; I’m sure we will have another one on the same topic or something related. And, if you are going to be at the IUG conference in Phoenix, there will be an in-person forum for new sys admins!

If you have any suggestions for zoom forum topics, let anyone from the IUG steering committee know. And feel free to post questions on this site or on the IUG Discord (invite link here).

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