Sunsetting of Social Media Accounts & Staying Connected

Going forward, we will no longer be using the IUG social media accounts. While social media can be a useful tool for sharing updates, we have concluded that it is not the most effective or efficient way for us to connect with our membership and foster meaningful communication.

There are still multiple ways to stay up to date and keep in touch with one another. This forum, of course, is one way to engage in conversations, ask questions, and get answers. We are committed to ensuring it is a vibrant and trustworthy resource for our membership.

We also encourage everyone to sign up for our email newsletter, where we highlight important updates and events, and join the IUG Discord server, where we can chat with one another in real time.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the IUG Steering Committee. We are here for you!

Stephanie, is the Sierra Slack ( going away, prefer that we use the Discord?


I can jump in as one of the slack admins. It’s not going away so long as people continue to use it, but it’s also always been an unofficial group, unlike the Discord. So we’re trying to steer new users towards the actual IUG space, which is probably also a bit more welcoming to the Polaris community (calling the slack group Sierra-ILS was a good idea at the time).

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Good question @pruntela and appreciate the thoughtful response @jmgold !

IUG won’t attempt* to shut down avenues, including the Sierra Slack, that members or customers may have self-established for support or dialog.

However, within the context of what the IUG Steering Committee maintains, updates and promotes as @sruhe noted our official channels of communication will for the time-being be:

  • The newsletter for outbound communication
  • These forums for two-way asynchronous communication
  • Discord for real-time communication
  • You might also get member account and conference updates from our XCD platform

The social media accounts established had their value at the time they were created, but based on current trends, and as a small volunteer led organization we’re now attempting to put more :wood: behind fewer :bow_and_arrow:.

*Note: I highlighted the word attempt here because we’d likely be unsuccessful in shutting down something we didn’t create or maintain anyhow :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jeremy and Wes, makes perfect sense.


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