Staff Permissions

Do you all set your staff permissions by job title or by function? We currently have it set by function, but I’m thinking of redoing the permissions by job title.

For us, we have basically 6 roles, breakdown as follows; The actual role names are different but below is the functional difference at a high level. Our focus is on two different factors, access to PII and ability to charge patron accounts. We have one role without PII access and one role with the ability to charge patron accounts. The other roles reflect by job duty, however it is easily broken into by job title, where you have to hold a specific job title to be blocked from PII, or gain access to charge patron accounts, or get added to the technical roles…

    • System Admin - ILS Administration tasks. (PII Access)
    • Collections/Technical Services Manager - Close to Admin access (PII Access)
    • Collections/Technical Services Staff - Bibs, Items, Patrons, Acq/Serials/etc… (PII Access)
    • Public Services/Circulation Management - Bibs, Items, & Patrons and Account Charge Privileges (PII Access)
    • Librarian/Public Services - Bibs, Items, & Patrons (PII Access)
    • Public Services Support Staff - Bibs, Items, and Requests (NO PII Access)

Hope this helps…

We have our permission groups set by function, with different groups for different levels of access (e.g. acquisitions limited, standard, super). We largely rely on copying permission from existing users to create new users or move a user into a new position, but we also do individual tweaks as needed. We never assign permissions outside of permission groups. Are you considering the change to make it easier to apply permissions to new users?

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I’m considering the change to make it easier to apply permissions to new users and for additional staff to be able to assign permissions. Our structure is fairly rigid across all of our branches, so I am struggling to see why we ever set our permissions up functionally. Especially since a few of our permission groups are already so duplicative. We just added a whole bunch of new staff and it was a chore to add each one to all these different permission groups when they are all at the same level, so I figure it might be easier to create groups based on job title rather than function.