SQL to gather list of patrons with total fines between $15 and $50 (or $15 and above) -but based only on fines/fees from one library in a consortia?

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to gather a list of patrons that have $15-$50 in fines from a specific library in this consortia. They are not interested in the patrons’ total fines - they are only interested in the total fines and fees the patron accrued at their library.

Is that doable via SQL?

They are trying to find a work-around related to Envisionware self-checks. They were told the self-checks only block on fines based on the library’s 2nd level fine limit. But the library’s 2nd level fine limit is $50, and they want to block patrons at the self-check at $15. They would prefer not to change their 2nd level fine limit to accommodate the self-checks.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions,

So, just for my clarification, it sounds like you’re looking for the report to help provide some context to the library to see how many patrons would be impacted by the limitation of only being able to block at the 2nd level fine amount?

They want to block users at self-checks at $15 - but they do not want to lower their second level fine limit from $50 to $15 to accommodate that. The question I submitted stemmed from the library trying to find a work-around, because the Envisionware rep told them they can only block on the CC field sent via SIP (the 2nd level fine limit) and that they cannot utilize the BV field (total fines). So they thought if they could identify patrons who accrued at least $15 at their library, they could place a block on those accounts and block that way. I hope that helps clarify, but if not, please let me know. :slight_smile: