SQL - finding a fine by location/date/time range

Hi folks. Sierra user here. I was wondering if anyone had a SQL query for locating a fine paid at a specific location on a specific date within a certain time range. We had a patron pay a fine recently on a day when Sierra was acting a bit wonky, and our accounting folks are unable to match the payment with the patron. We’re hoping if we can locate the fine in Sierra, we might be able to figure out who the patron is associated with it. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

fines_paid_search.sql.txt (3.0 KB)

Hi Annie. This query will allow you to zero in on a small number of paid fines if I understand your problem correctly. By default it is based on a window of time, but if you know other parameters such as the patron, item or Sierra login which accepted payment for the fine, you can uncomment additional WHERE predicates.

I don’t know if this forum or your PC takes issue with .SQL attachments like email (wisely) does, so I put a .txt extension on it. Enjoy!

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