Seeking examples of functional 776 field

Hello, I’m currently working with Innovative to index our 776$w fields to connect print and e-records of the same title. The print record OCLC 01145317 has a 776$w that contains the OCLC number of the e-version “(OCoLC)965754136.” The goal is that users can click on the 776$w field in the OPAC and be directed to a search for that OCLC number.

The issue we’re running into is that the 776$w includes the text prefix “(OCoLC)”, so when users click the field in the OPAC to search, the system generates the search string “(OCoLC)965754136,” which does not find a match with “965754136,” as it appears in the 001.

The indexer from Innovative is a bit stumped on how this is supposed to work so we would like to find other libraries with this field indexed correctly that they can use as a model. Does anyone have the 776 field set up correctly in Sierra?

Note: we’re using Sierra with the OPAC, no discovery layer.

Thank you!