Scheduler Output MARC Records Configuration

Wondering if anyone would be willing to share a snip of one of your Scheduler Output MARC Records configurations. I am testing an export to a union catalog and have been unsuccessful so far even though the Scheduler alerts say the process was successful and the file was uploaded. I have logged into the FTP site to see if our file arrives, and it never does. Below is a snip of my most recent test configuration. I suspect it has something to do with how I have the ftp information formatted, but the documentation doesn’t give any examples of what it should look like.

We all export new holdings on a periodic basis, and then the vendor our consortium works with takes the MARC records, processes them, and uploads the holdings.


Lisa Motschke

I don’t know if this is the problem, but try putting a period in front of the slash in Remote Directory


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The solution was to include a file name; apparently the process thinks it’s successful but doesn’t write a file without a file name.

Also as an fyi to folks (I didn’t know this) - you can specify the file type in the file name. The default is a .out file type, but you can specify the file type in the name; e.g. testexport.mrc

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That’s new. I think it used to tack a .out after whatever you put in as extension. I’ll have to test this.

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